The Host of The Debaters LIVE On Tour

If you’re familiar with Steve Patterson’s comedy you’ll know that he’s one of Canada’s quickest wits. As host of “The Debaters” he’s made many of Canada’s funniest comedians even funnier and proved that not all debate moderators have to be so, well, moderate. But Patterson is also one of Canada’s very best standup comedians, proving that standup comedy can solve problems, even if only half-kiddingly. In the “Debaters Live On Tour” shows, live audiences are treated to all of the many weapons in Patterson’s comedy arsenal. From up-to-the-moment commentary to heartfelt open letters to songs that strike a perfect harmony between silly and smart, fans of “The Debaters” will love the expanded role Patterson plays in “The Debaters Live On Tour.” He will delight those already familiar with his standup and pleasantly surprise those who are not. Visit for more info.

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